audi e-bike worthersee

2012 Audi e-bike Wörthersee

Posted on September 2, 2012 by derek


We’ve been following this for a few months, and I’m glad to report that I still majorly want one. Of course I’ll probably look like a huge poser compared to Julian Dupont in the videos below, but imagine rocking up to the office on this, zero direct emissions style.

From designboom:

“At the wörthersee tour in austria, AUDI unveiled its ‘wörthersee’ performance electric bike for sports and trick cycling. Designed incorporating technology from AUDI cars, with testing and feedback from competitive cyclist julien dupont. The bicycle also offers smartphone connectivity for the recording of stunts, and optional automatic stabilization when performing wheelies and other tricks.

Completely designed and manufactured at AUDI, the ‘wörthersee’ offers the highest output of any production electric model at 2.3kW (a power-to-weight ratio of 9kg (19.8lb) per kilowatt). riders can use one of five travel programs, including the human-powered only ‘pure’ mode; ‘pedelec’ mixed-use, with a top speed of 50 mph (80 km/hr) and range of 31-44 miles (50 – 70 km) per charge; or ‘eGrip’ electric-only mode, with a top speed of 31mph (50km/hr). the e-bike’s nine-speed, hydraulically actuated gear shift is modeled after the quick response of the R-tronic transmission of AUDI R8s. The lithium-ion battery pack of the ‘wörthersee’ is easily removable, charging completely in 2.5 hours.”

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