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PwC report warns that “governments and businesses can no longer assume that a 2°C warming world is the default scenario”

Posted on November 14, 2012 by derek


The PwC Low Carbon Economy  Index evaluates the rate of decarbonisation of the global economy that is needed to limit  warming to 2°C. This is based on a carbon budget that would stabilise atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations at 450 ppm and give a 50% probability of limiting  warming to 2°C.

This report shows that global carbon intensity decreased between 2000 and 2011 by around 0.8%a year. In 2011, carbon intensity decreased by just 0.7%.The global economy now needs tocut carbon intensity by 5.1% every  year from now to 2050 to achievethis carbon budget. This requiredrate of decarbonisation has not been seen even in a single year  since the mid-20th century whenthese records began.

Keeping to the 2°C carbon budget will requireunprecedented and sustainedreductions over four decades.Governments’ ambitions to limit  warming to 2°C appear highly unrealistic.

Read the report:

Pwc Low Carbon Economy Index 2012

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