This glass sphere might revolutionize solar power on Earth (by concentrating light 10,000 times)

André Broessel, Rawlemon Solar Sphere

From – “German architect André Broessel, of Rawlemon, has looked into his crystal ball and seen the future of renewable energy. In this case it’s a spherical sun-tracking solar energy-generating globe — essentially a giant glass marble on a robotic steel frame. But this marble is no toy. It concentrates both sunlight and moonlight up to 10,000 times — making its solar harvesting capabilities 35 percent more efficient than conventional dual-axis photovoltaic designs.”

Go Grid Parity!

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D11 Conference: Elon Musk Full Interview (Must Watch.)

I’d literally worship the ground that this man walks on. Not because my dream car is currently a Tesla, but because Elon Musk is doing something that a lot of entrepreneur people sort of forget about – Doing REAL things that actually have big implications for humanity, as opposed to the currently popular (or should we say, “low barrier to entry”) industries of  mobile games, convenience apps and Social [Insert New Buzz Word].

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1 very important pie chart about Climate Change

From our Tumblr: According to an exhaustive review by Prof. James Lawrence Powell, only 0.17 percent of thousands of peer-reviewed papers question global warming or whether rising emissions are the cause.

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House of Marley – Destiny TTR Headphones Review

The Destiny TTR Headphones are the top of the line headphones for the House of Marley’s audio line-up. 

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