Hans Rosling – 200 years of global change

STOCKHOLM 28 September 2013

Professor Hans Rosling (Gapminder and Karolinska Institutet)

The first public forum for the launch of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessment Working Group I Summary for Policymakers, Climate Change 2013: the Physical Science Basis.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Scores As Ambassador of Mangrove Care Forum In Bali, Indonesia

We were live at the Mangrove Care Forum in Bali to witness football hero, Cristiano Ronaldo, along with President Bambang Susilo Yudhyono and other important Indonesian ministers take actions to raise awareness for the negative impact that negligent business operations has had on the Mangroves of Indonesia and also to gain support in restoring these natural habitats.

The mangrove tree planting ceremony which took place on the 26th of June 2013, as said by Cristiano Ronaldo himself, was performed in a bid to inspire the youth in Indonesia to be more concerned about their natural ecosystems, and to be more aware of the damage that the neglect of doing so would cause to the future of the country along with the rest of the world 兔子滑梯.

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D11 Conference: Elon Musk Full Interview (Must Watch.)

I’d literally worship the ground that this man walks on. Not because my dream car is currently a Tesla, but because Elon Musk is doing something that a lot of entrepreneur people sort of forget about – Doing REAL things that actually have big implications for humanity, as opposed to the currently popular (or should we say, “low barrier to entry”) industries of  mobile games, convenience apps and Social [Insert New Buzz Word].

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International Green Building Experts Convened at Carrier’s Second Distinguished Sustainability Lecture Series in Singapore

Huston Eubank

A message from Carrier:

SINGAPORE, May 14, 2013 – Carrier, the world’s leader in high technology heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions, convened its second Distinguished Sustainability Lecture Series in Singapore. The lecture series brought together top global specialists and authorities in Singapore to discuss emerging trends in green building and sustainability. Organized by Carrier, a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX), and the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC), the event addressed more than 100 building professionals.

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Neat Infographic on global greenhouse gas emissions by source



via Tck Tck Tck.

Here’s a massive infographic detailing the sources of GHG emissions linked to the various types of GHG emissions. Neat!

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Population growth and climate change explained by Hans Rosling


From Guardian: “Let me show you the world, says Swedish academic Han Rosling as he demonstrates the dynamics of population growth, child mortality and carbon dioxide emissions. The challenge for the world is to get everyone out of extreme poverty and get the richest people to use less fossil fuels so that everyone can share their energy levels, he says.”

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Green Drinks March 2013 – Behind The Facade: Sustainable Architecture & Meeting Future Challenges

Addressing the population and resources constraints, Green Drinks March presents a talk you don’t want to miss. This month, we aim to bring together people who believes that through earnest planning, design ingenuity and innovation, we could achieve a sustainable environment for growth and progress especially in Singapore. We are very honoured to have speakers:

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