Dr. Michio Kaku: Fukishima is a “Ticking Time Bomb”


The best explanation of what’s going on, so far. The science, the politics the energy debate, and the key question “Is Nuclear Safe” all in 1 video.  And did you know that Nuclear Power plants are not insurable?

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Some thoughts on HSBC Survey: Climate Change top concern for only 12% of Singaporeans


Karen Ng Business Times 27 Oct 10;

ONLY 12 per cent of Singaporeans cite climate change as their top concern, an HSBC survey has found. But if it is any consolation, the proportion is even lower in major countries France, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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Stop Living in Fiction: Economic Systems Depend on their Natural Systems

From Justmeans:

What makes Sustainable Development both an interesting and frustrating field of study is that it’s not environment or economics, it’s not people or nature… it’s all of these things and then some. At its core Sustainable Development should push us to look at problems not merely with new lenses but with new eyes and force us to find pragmatic solutions.

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Time to Upgrade our Economy: Stop Thinking in Terms of GDP

For the most part, GDP is used as a proxy or an indicator for economic development, and, once upon a time, it was the end all of human decisions.

One of the reasons to call foul on the over reliance on GDP is that it was not designed to account for the ecological externalities inherent with the trade of goods and services.Nowadays, people don’t rejoice so much when they hear about double digit growth, because we know that GDP is a flawed methodology for decision making, and as an indicator, should not be confused with  progress, happiness and how good things are.

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No Planet, No Economy. Here’s Why.

By Caroline Spelman for Guardian (UK): The beauty of our landscapes is significant, but few are aware of the solid economic benefits they bring – and what we don’t value we don’t protect.

So today, when rebuilding their economies is the number one priority for governments across the world, we need to start making the economic case for our environment at least as strongly as we have been making the aesthetic one.

Today, Defra is launching a discussion paper that will lead to the first Natural Environment white paper in 20 years.

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