STB launches guidelines to get event organisers, hotels to go green in Singapore

Sustainable Events Management and ISO 20121

From CNA: SINGAPORE: The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has launched sustainability guidelines for the Meetings, Incentive Travel, Conferences & Exhibitions (MICE) industry in Singapore.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

In a statement on Tuesday, STB said the guidelines are drawn from international standards and are meant to encourage local players to meet global sustainability requirements.

It said the guidelines apply across the business events ecosystem, including hotels, venues, event organisers and meeting planners, transportation, food and beverage, and audio-visual set-up.

The areas they address include waste management, efficient use of water and energy, and getting employees to develop a commitment to sustainable practices.

The statement said the first event to adopt the guidelines is the Responsible Business Forum on Sustainability Development to be held at Marina Bay Sands from November 25 to 26.

Download the STB Sustainability Guidelines For Events

Find out more about Sustainable Events Management, and international standards such as ISO 20121, and Carbon Footprinting with ISO 14064

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Panel Discussion on #sgflood / #ponding (Stop complaining about it and check out what they’re doing about it!)

In this special mid-month session of Green Drinks, PUB’s Chief Engineer for Drainage Planning, Ridzuan Ismail shares their strategic approach in drainage design and flood management in Singapore. Following this, we have a panel discussion moderated by Grace Chua of The Straits Times, with Ridzuan, Eugene Heng from Waterways Watch Society, and Liew Yien Phin from Black & Veatch.

Join us!

Date: 14 November 2013 (Thursday)
Time: 6.30pm onwards
Venue: Hood Bar & Cafe, #05-07 Bugis+, 201 Victoria Street (opposite Bugis Junction)
Admission fee: Any one drink! Please support the venue :)
RSVP: or on our FB group 


Further Reading – Projects Underway To Protect Singapore From Floods: JOBS CARS PROPERTY CLASSIFIEDS   THE AWARD-WINNING WEBSITE: BEST IN ONLINE MEDIA (GOLD) - WAN-IFRA ASIA DIGITAL MEDIA AWARDS 2012 ST Index 3,177.2524.9 08/11/2013 17:10 Singapore weather 24 °C  - 29°C Search       Breaking News Singapore SE Asia Asia World Money Sports Technology Lifestyle Asia News Network All Photo galleries Premium News Invest Think Sports Lifestyle All Videos Citizen Journalism Hot Topics Lollipop Club STOMP Youthphoria Court Room Get Inspired Communities Forum Letters Polls Photos / Art Through The Lens News in Pictures Infographics Tech Toons Punchlines Straits Times Index     The Conversation Parliament My Tip-Off School Pocket Money Fund ChildAid Motoring Cars Jobs Property Classifieds Newsletter Weather Singapolitics 1 Asia Report 1 Readers' Post 1 ST Entertainment 1 STOMP Lollypop 1 Through the lens 1 SG Traveller HomeBreaking NewsStory Projects underway to protect Singapore against floods

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Hans Rosling – 200 years of global change

STOCKHOLM 28 September 2013

Professor Hans Rosling (Gapminder and Karolinska Institutet)

The first public forum for the launch of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessment Working Group I Summary for Policymakers, Climate Change 2013: the Physical Science Basis.

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See you at the upcoming Green Drinks – Green Heart Inside The Red Dot

Nominated Member of Parliament Faizah Jamal kicks off the evening by giving a short introduction on the background of the Cross Island Line through the Central Catchment Nature Reserve issue, making references to the Population White Paper Land Use Plan. She will also talk about the engagement between nature groups and the Land Transport Authority (LTA) on this issue.


Tony O’Dempsey will be speaking about the importance of preserving our natural heritage through the Nature Reserves. He will be discussing what is so special about the Central Catchment Nature reserve and how it is more than just “green Space”. Tony will talk in detail about the various threats to our native habitats including the current issue of the Cross Island Line proposed by the LTA as part of its 2013 Master Plan.

Also we’ve heard how an arborist is a ‘protector’ of trees and many of them work for a particular government agency. What does Goh Mia Chun as an arborist do in his tree consultancy firm and what is his role in protecting trees? Find out more…

Date: 23 October 2013 (Wednesday)

Time: 6.30pm onwards

Venue: The Hub, National Youth Council Academy, 113 Somerset Road



We hope you can join us!

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Green Drinks July 2013 – Dengue & Mosquitoes

Why is Singapore currently experiencing a dengue epidemic? How does the Aedes mosquito, as the dengue vector, behave? Why is it so difficult to eradicate?   Against the backdrop of the outbreak, research is critical for sense-making and identifying possible contributing factors to the current situation益事特气模. Step behind the scenes with Associate Professor Ng Lee Ching to discover how Singapore’s dengue control programme utilises science to guide its operations. Find out why dengue is hitting harder this year, and what you can do to help stop transmission via this potent environmental threat.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Scores As Ambassador of Mangrove Care Forum In Bali, Indonesia

We were live at the Mangrove Care Forum in Bali to witness football hero, Cristiano Ronaldo, along with President Bambang Susilo Yudhyono and other important Indonesian ministers take actions to raise awareness for the negative impact that negligent business operations has had on the Mangroves of Indonesia and also to gain support in restoring these natural habitats.

The mangrove tree planting ceremony which took place on the 26th of June 2013, as said by Cristiano Ronaldo himself, was performed in a bid to inspire the youth in Indonesia to be more concerned about their natural ecosystems, and to be more aware of the damage that the neglect of doing so would cause to the future of the country along with the rest of the world 兔子滑梯.

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Botanicaire™ Air Purifier – Special Haze Bundle

Designed specifically for homes and offices, Botanicaire is an air purifier that focuses on environmental remediation. Using a special cocktail of special bacteria known as the Nuvoc Technology, Botanicaire can effectively remove 99% of indoor air contaminants within an hour. Apart from removing the common contaminants such as dust and odour, Botanicaire can also target toxic gases known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs.)

Volatile Organic Compounds are around us in any indoor environment. This is because these toxic gases are released from man-made items such as furniture, electronic items, cosmetics, aerosol sprays or paint. These gases include formaldehyde, toluene, benzene, carbon monoxide and many more.  They may seem harmless initially but after prolonged exposure to them, mild effects include headaches, nausea and flu. Long term exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds may even lead to leukemia, damage to the central nervous system and kidney failure. It is also one of the leading causes for Sick Building Syndrome.

Equipped with the Nuvoc Technology, specialised plants that absorb toxic gases for their nutrients, activated carbon and multiple filters, Botanicaire can easily remove dirt, dust, odour and Volatile Organic Compounds from our airspace. Through multiple testings by the research team at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) of Singapore, Botanicaire has a powerful efficacy of removing 99% of contaminants from our airspace in just an hour’s time.

If you’re looking for top grade indoor air quality to improve the health of your loved ones, look no further. Enjoy the benefits of fresh air with Botanicaire today!

Purchase your’s on CHOOSE.


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