From Paris with Love

Lame title, I apologise.



Navigo (it’s in French but I linked the page anyway) is trialling a service in Paris that aims to make life easier for users of the metro and city buses, by putting travel passes on smartphones.

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‘Serious’ Error Found in Carbon Savings for Biofuels

From The New York Times:

“The European Union is overestimating the reductions in greenhouse gas emissions achieved through reliance on biofuels as a result of a ‘serious accounting error,’ according to a draft opinion by an influential committee of 19 scientists and academics.

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The Worst Commutes Around the World

IBM Commuter Pain Index

This report from IBM is entitled the Commuter Pain Survey. In the 2011 edition, IBM state that there has been an increase in “the number of respondents who said that roadway traffic has increased their levels of personal stress and anger and negatively affected their performance at work or school”.┬áThat’s right, traffic can adversely affect productivity, and it is perceived to negatively affect health in some way (69%), increases stress (42%), and anger (35%).

Angry drivers, I know of one or two.


Read the entire press release on IBM

Check out the report [pdf]


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Meanwhile in Denmark, people bring their bicycles on the train

We seriously love Denmark, and here’s another reason that makes us want to pack our things and move there (or just visit for a long time).


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Hand in Car, Get Free Public Transportation


From Springwise:

If you live in Murcia, and you’ve got a working car that is fully paid for, and you’re tired of the high cost of maintaining said vehicle, “the government of Murcia is giving citizens lifetime passes to its brand-new tram system in exchange for turning over their cars.”

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